Eighty by 2018
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    CA Achievement Award

80% by 2018 California Achievement Award

Dr. Michael Potter
The first recipient of our 80 by 2018 California Achievement Award is for Dr. Michael Potter. Dr. Potter is the Director of San Francisco Bay Area Collaborative Research Network, at the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine.

He led a research team in developing and implementing innovative tools and approaches to expand access to cancer screening in a variety of settings, including those that can be carried out with limited resources. Dr. Potter created and launched an intervention that focuses on the time of annual flu shots as an opportunity to provide colorectal cancer screening using FOBT/FIT tests.

Dr. Potter's work shows that adherence to an annual stool blood testing program is possible. The program shows clear benefits, including reaching patients once each year when they are already thinking about prevention. It creates a time-efficient way to involve non-physician staff in screening delivery, and educating patients that "just like a flu shot, you need FOBT/FIT every year."

Thank you to Dr. Potter. We know that your concept will help save lives from colorectal cancer through increased screening on an annual basis.

Dr. Daniel Anderson

The second recipient of our 80 by 2018 California Achievement Award is Dr. Daniel Anderson. Dr. Anderson has had a passion for saving lives from colorectal cancer since completing his gastroenterology training in 1979. As a longtime volunteer for the American Cancer Society, he is on the Early Detection Team, and a partner to the Primary Care Systems team, sharing his expertise with presentations to the clinicians and to the public.

Dr. Anderson has saved lives at his workplace through increased screening. He served as the chair of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Guideline Development Committee for Southern California Permanente Medical Group from 1992-2008. During that time, the Colon Cancer Screening Task Force has doubled the number of colonoscopies done since 2004, using a comprehensive FOBT outreach program.

From there, Dr. Anderson was appointed chair of the board of directors for the California Colorectal Cancer Coalition, whose objective is to save lives and reduce suffering from colorectal cancer. He has helped several clinics in San Diego and Sacramento with grants to implement and help with compliance. One clinic, the Neighborhood Health Care, increased their colorectal cancer screening rates from 22% in 2013 to 58% in 2015. They are on their way to 80% by 2018! Thank you to Dr. Anderson for showing health professionals how to save lives from colorectal cancer.