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The mission of the California Colorectal Cancer Coalition is to increase colorectal cancer screening rates to reduce suffering and save lives. One way we do this is by reaching out to legislators and other key influencers to educate them about the disease, and urge them to take action on behalf of their constituents. In 2017 all our efforts are to be sure ACR 36 Levine passes. ACR is a resolution declaring March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

C4 is working with the California Department of Managed Health Care to add colorectal cancer screening rates to the quality measures for Medi-Cal insured patients. This is extremely important since Medi-Cal insures about 1/3 of California's population. Medi-Cal is the only major insurer that does not measure colon cancer screening rates. C4 will notify you when the public is invited to comment on the proposed new quality measures.

There is a federal legislation currently pending, which C4 supports.

State Legislation: C4 is the co-sponsor with ACSCAN of AB 1763 Gipson to remove the cost sharing for the needed colonoscopy after a positive fecal occult blood test (FOBT). The bill was the focus of our 2016 Lobby day and ACSCAN's lobby day and as a result of these efforts has passed both the Assembly and Senate. It will arrive on Governor's Brown desk on August 25. We need your help in being sure he signs this bill.
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Lobby Day 2017
We're looking for Californians interested in fighting colorectal cancer to join us on our annual Lobby Day at the State Capitol in Sacramento. No experience needed. Just your passion to save lives. The lobby day will be in early March 2017. Look for the Lobby Day flyer at this site in January 2017.
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Maps of Colorectal Cancer in Your Neighborhood
One of the most effective ways to convince the public as well as legislators of the importance of an issue is to show how it affects people in their districts.

To find out about colorectal cancer diagnoses in your neighborhood, we've posted maps of late-stage diagnoses by senate and assembly disctrict.