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C4 Board Members

President Daniel Anderson, MD, FACP
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Staff Gastroenterologist SCPMG
Clinical Professor of Medicine UCSD
Vice President Margaret Hitchcock, PhD
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University of California, Davis
Secretary/Treasurer Jessica Jamison, MPH
James Allison, MD
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UCSF and Kaiser Division of Research
Taft Bhuket, MDDivision Chief, Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Director, Endoscopy UnitHighland Hospital
Jennie Cook
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President-Intercultural Cancer Council Caucus
Lukejohn Day, MDDepartment of Gastroenterology
School of Medicine
San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center
Celena DonahueHealth Systems Manager Primary Care Systems American Cancer Society
Laura Goetz, MD
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General/Oncology Surgeon, Scripps Clinic Medical Group
Jon Greif, DO, FACSRetired
Samir Gupta, MD, MSCSDepartment of Gastroenterology
School of Medicine
University of California, San Diego
David Hamilton, MSN, CS, ACNP-BC
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UC Davis Health
Gregory Idos, MDDivision of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
University of Southern California
Folasade May, MD, MPhil, PhDUCLA School of Public Health
Autumn Ogden-SmithAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Michael Potter, MDUCSF School of Medicine
Liisa Russell, M.D.School of Osteopathic Medicine
Touro University, California
Todd SetterColon Cancer Survivor Advocate
Joanne Wellman, RDH, MPH
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Holly WhittakerNevada County Public Health Department
Ex-Officio Shauntay Davis, MPHProgram Director - Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
CA Department of Public Health
Ex-Com Emeritus Sandra Robinson, MBA
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