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CRC Risk Calculator

The risk calculator has only been validated for use by non-Hispanic white people (Caucasians) at this time. Use by peoples of other races or ethnicities is not advised at this time.

New Tool from NCI May Predict CRC Risk

A new online tool for calculating colorectal cancer risk in men and women ago 50 or older has been launched based on a new risk-assessment model developed by National Cancer Institute (NCI) Researchers. This new tool may assist health-care providers and their patients in making informed choices about when and how to screen for colorectal cancer and can be used in designing colorectal cancer screening and prevention trials. An article describing the new risk-assessment model and a second article describing its validation were recently published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The risk assessment tool is available on the NCI Web site. Using easily obtainable information (e.g., personal and family medical history, lifestyle behaviors and age), the tool provides an estimate of an individual's risk of developing colorectal cancer over certain time periods (within five years, 10 years, and over the course of a lifetime). This risk-assessment model is the first to provide an absolute risk estimate for colorectal cancer (i.e., the probability of developing colorectal cancer over a given period of time) for the general, non-Hispanic white population age 50 or older in the U.S.