Lobby Day

State Legislation

State Legislation: C4 is the co-sponsor with ACSCAN of AB 1763 Gipson to remove the cost sharing for the needed colonoscopy after a positive fecal occult blood test (FOBT). The bill was the focus of our 2016 Lobby day and ACSCAN's lobby day and as a result of these efforts has passed both the Assembly and Senate. It will arrive on Governor's Brown desk on August 25. We need your help in being sure he signs this bill. Click on the links below to see;

  1. A copy of the bill

  2. C4 Background and rational for the bill

  3. ACSCAN Background and rational for the bill

  4. Letter to the Govenor from C4

  5. Sample letter of support to Governor Brown

  6. Sample e-mail to Governor Brown

  7. Sample phone call script to Governor Brown

  8. Governor Brown's contact information. Best to fax letters and also call and send a short email
After reviewing the material please craft a letter and/or email and contact Governor Brown by phone.