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Colon cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death for both men and women in California, yet it's one of the most preventable. Found early, through regular screening, it's also one of the most treatable.

This gallery is a tribute to those who have personally experienced the impact of colon cancer on family, career, community - on every aspect of life. May their stories inspire us to do everything we can for ourselves and our loved ones to assure no one else suffers from this disease.

Florence Kurttila
Citrus Heights California
Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Sister
Human Resources Professional
Diagnosed: June 21, 2001, at age 48

Florence Kurtilla was in the fullness of life - at the peak of her career, enjoying her children, grandchildren, and time with her husband, active in her church. It was all working for Florence. Until   ....Read More about Florence....

Kathryn Marquardt
Redlands California
Mother, Girlfriend
Self-Employed IT Consultant/Business Owner
Diagnosed: Day after Thanksgiving, 2004, at age 49

"After you hear those three words - you have cancer - your world stops."

Kathryn, a self-employed IT consultant, founded her own business in 1991 to give her the flexibility she needed to care    ....Read More about Kathryn....

Susan McKee
Sacramento California
Mother, Sister, Friend
District Director for the State Senate President Pro Tem
Diagnosed: September 2007, at age 55

Two surgeries, two rounds of chemo, one round of radiation and half a head of hair later, Susan McKee is a colon cancer survivor. But this story might have ended differently.

At age 55, Susan wa   ....Read More about Susan....

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